How did R4BIA emerge?

The owners of this sign were martyred in Rabia al-Adawiya Square by the military coup that took place in Egypt on July 3, 2013.
The Egyptian people, who wanted to reclaim their beliefs, freedoms, future and the votes they cast for the first elected president in Egypt, launched a collective resistance unprecedented in world history on 28 June in Rabia al-Adawiya Square.
It was there that they made the sign for the first time by raising their four fingers. It never transpired who invented the sign or who came up with the idea for it.
When they were asked two months later what the sign meant, they explained: “This is the ‘Rabia sign.’ ‘Rabia’ means four or fourth in the Arabic language. The name of this square comes from Rabia al-Adawiya, a blessed lady among the pious servants of Allah. She received the name Rabia because she was the fourth child in the family. We use the sign to cherish her legacy.”
“The second reason why this sign bears significance is the fact that Mohamed Morsi was the fourth President of Egypt after Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak. We make the sign to remind people of his presidency.”
“In addition, those who gather in Tahrir Square to support the military coup prefer the V sign made with the two fingers. We cannot be the same as those people. We use and spread the Rabia sign in order to distinguish ourselves from them.”
When pro-democracy demonstrators made this explanation at the early hours of 14 August, the Egyptian army moved into Rabia al-Adawiya to unleash the biggest civilian massacre that history has ever witnessed. It is likely that those few people who explained what the sign meant were martyred as well. This website contains photos and video footage of those who made the sign for the last time, right before the killings.
Following the massacre in Egypt, the Rabia sign came to be better recognized, and from then on began spreading across the entire Muslim world.
Within a short span of time, the sign became a symbol adopted by Muslims of every denomination and from all walks of life who stood up against the states in both the East and the West that chose to ignore thousands of civilians subjected to violence in Egypt.
Among the numerous logos designed to represent the Rabia sign, the one with the black hand on a yellow background caught on more quickly than others. People started using it everywhere. Noteworthy about the design is that the creators of the logo are said to have used the color yellow in reference to the golden dome of Qubbatus Sakhra Mosque in Jerusalem, Muslims’ first Qiblah, and the color black to signify the black cloth that covers the Kaaba.
The Rabia sign then spread beyond the national borders with the blessing of Rabia martyrs, and became the symbol of the global Muslim community.
The answers found on this website addressing the question “What is R4BIA?” are compiled from a selection of interpretations provided by Muslims around the world.
Even today, Muslim intellectuals, thinkers, journalists and the general public continue to explain the sign in manifold ways.
The Rabia sign is the symbol of awakening, triggered in response to the massacres, oppression and long-going political, economic and cultural pressure – both in the West and the East – that have targeted Islam and Muslims.
Western concepts such as democracy, human rights, freedom, equality and right to life, often exercised in a double standard, have utterly collapsed in Palestine, Syria, Bosnia and lastly in Egypt. With the spirit of the Rabia sign, these and similar concepts will be reinterpreted based on Islamic principles.
With help of Allah, this awakening will be a source of inspiration for every individual, irrespective of faith and ethnicity, who seeks justice, equality and freedom in this world.
Supporting every well-meant effort in search of rights and freedoms that is spread through this sign is an indication of human decency.
The Rabia sign and the blessing of martyrs are reuniting Muslim peoples and nations, isolated within borders that were set by the occupying states of the East and the West.
No single country, group or individual claims this sign as their own. Therefore, they felicitously avoid overshadowing the blessings that Allah bestowed on the Muslim world for the sake of the martyrs.
The administrators of this website do not own or manage this sign, either; they are simply servants of Islam.
The global Muslim community will chart its path on its own.
“And rely upon Allah; and sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs.” (Surat al-Ahzab, ayah 3)

It has been exactly a year.
It's been a year since we killed our brothers and sisters on August 14, 2013 in Rabaa al-Adawiya Square.
For a year, our pain has not abated, our wounds have continued to bleed.
You declared el-Sisi, who crushed his people under tanks, as President of Egypt. Then you celebrated shedding the blood of innocent people in Rabaa Square, insulting their memory. You couldn't muster the courage to reveal how many people you killed over the last year, how many you wounded, put in prison cells and sent to exile.
You are unable to find solace in this authority that you built on the blood you have shed in a year. You are playing dirty games to try to overthrow the democratically elected governments in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and Gaza.
You turned a blind eye to Zionist Israeli soldiers sullying the innocent Gaza and the Palestinian lands – the mark of our honor – and killing innocent people. You looked on, laid back in your disgraced seats, laughing as our children were slaughtered and mothers screamed in grief. Not only Israel, but also the Saudi government and its puppets are responsible for the deaths of children in Gaza..
You haven't been able to sate your thirst for blood in a year.
You have been shedding the blood of Muslims over the past year. In Syria, Iraq, East Turkestan, Africa, in the north, south, east and west, it is us who kill and are killed.
You have been murdering the children of this Ummah for a year.
Over a year now, you have been killing the children who supported the unity of the Ummah.
You have been taking the lives of Muslims who opposed sectarian wars and the shedding of the blood of their brothers and sisters.
Do not assume that we are unaware.
The blood of our martyrs has been giving life to the Ummah's youth. Gushing in every direction is a collective spirit for the unity of the Ummah. Everywhere in the world now are R4BIA signs. The more your oppression increases, the stronger we grow.
Our mothers give birth to new life as you kill, and our fathers raise new seed as you shoot. Our children will grow listening to stories of your cruelty till the day when they take revenge for our martyrs.
Every August 14, the oppressed all around the world will remember your cruelty. On the World R4BIA Day, we will give voice to the massacres and oppression perpetrated or supported by el-Sisi, Netanyahu, Assad, Obama, Putin, and Rouhani.
We will never forget your atrocities for the rest of our lives. Even on our last breath, we will tell the Ummah's children of your barbarity, and we will condemn you. Even if our lives prove too short to see it, we will raise our children and grandchildren to hold you to account over the innocent lives you took.
R4BIA is our day.
R4BIA is the day of the Ummah.
R4BIA is the day our martyrs.
R4BIA is the day of Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, East Turkestan, and every state where the flag of the Ummah will rise.
R4BIA is the day of commemoration for our innocent martyrs who dedicated their lives to the Ummah.
R4BIA is the day of unity for our Ummah.

R4BIA merupakan satu simbol kebebasan

R4BIA merupakan kelahiran satu gerakan baru untuk kebebasan dan keadilan

R4BIA merupakan kelahiran satu dunia baru

R4BIA merupakan kembalinya Umat Islam ke pentas dunia

R4BIA bermaksud keadilan, kebebasan dan hati nurani

R4BIA merupakan tempat dimana nilai-nilai Barat telah runtuh

R4BIA bermaksud wira-wira Mesir yang menjadi bebas melalui kematian

R4BIA merupakan Mesir, Sirya, Palestin dan seluruh geografi Islam.

R4BIA merupakan nama-nama mereka yang membangunkan seluruh dunia Islam dengan kematian mereka

R4BIA merupakan tempat orang-orang yang menunjukkan kematian sebagai kebangkitan semula

R4BIA merupakan anak perempuan kita, Asma

R4BIA merupakan cucu Hasan Al-Banna

R4BIA merupakan nama anak-anak kita yang bakal mengubah dunia

R4BIA merupakan nafas baru kepada kamanusiaan

R4BIA merupakan keadilan kepada semua orang terhadap nilai-nilai barat yang jelek.

R4BIA merupakan roh kepada kebebasan lelaki dan wanita

R4BIA merupakan tangisan, kesedihan dan kemuraman

R4BIA merupakan keriangan, kegembiraan dan khabar yang baik

R4BIA merupakan anak, wanita, orang muda dan tua.

R4BIA merupakan seorang manusia seperti lelaki

R4BIA merupakan suatu yang lurus seperti ‘Alif’ dan rendah diri seperti ‘Waw’

R4BIA merupakan syahid yang sebenar

R4BIA merupakan dunia baru

R4BIA merupakan Ummah

R4BIA merupakan perpaduan, kesatuan dan persaudaraan

R4BIA merupakan penyatuan dunia Islam

R4BIA merupakan suatu yang memalukan bagi mereka yang bersekongkol dengan jenayah pembunuhan beramai-ramai

R4BIA merupakan pengakhiran kaum munafik yang menyokong pembunuhan beramai-ramai

R4BIA merupakan pengakhiran minyak para sheikhs

R4BIA merupakan pengakhiran Kapitalism

R4BIA merupakan pengakhiran Zionis

R4BIA merupakan pengakhiran kepada tekanan yang tidak bermoral

R4BIA merupakan arena para syuhada

R4BIA merupakan ibu kepada syahid

R4BIA merupakan senyuman para syuhada

Pemilik bagi simbol ini telah syahid di medan Rabia Al-Aawiya terhadap rampasan kuasa tentera yang berlaku di Mesir pada tanggal 3 julai 2013. Rakyat Mesir yang yang ingin menuntut semula kepercayaan, kebebasan, masa depan dan suara yang telah mereka lontarkan bagi President pertama Mesir yang dilantik telah menyebabkan satu halangan kolektif yang tidak pernah terjadi sebelum ini dalam sejarah dunia pada tanggal 28 Jun, di Medan Rabia Al-Adawiya.

Pada mulanya mereka telah membuat simbol tersebut di sana dengan mengangkat empat jari mereka. Ia tidak pernah terilham siapa yang mencipta simbol tersebut atau siapa yang tampil dengan idea seperti itu. Apabila mereka ditanya dua bulan kemudian apakah maksud simbol tersebut, mereka menerangkan: “ini merupakan simbol ‘Rabia’. ‘Rabia’ membawa erti empat atau keempat dalam bahasa Arab. Nama bagi medan ini berasal daripada Rabia al-Adawiya, seorang wanita mulia dikalangan hamba-hamba Allah yang soleh.

Beliau menadapat gelaran Rabia kerana beliau merupakan anak keempat dalam keluarga dan kita menggunakan simbol tersebut sebagai lambang untuk menghargai legasi beliau”. “Faktor kedua mengapa simbol ini membawa makna yang penting ialah fakta bahawa President Moamed Morsi merupakan president Mesir yang ke empat setelah Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat dan Hosni Mubarak. Kita membuat simbol untuk mengingatkan masyarakat akan ‘presidency’ beliau. Tambahan pula, mereka yang berkumpul di dataran Tahrir untuk menyokong rampasan kuasa tentera lebih gemar menggunakan simbol V dengan mengangkat dua jari mereka.

Kita tidak boleh menjadi sama seperti orang-orang tersebut. Kita guna dan membezakan simbol Rabia dengan tujuan untuk membezakan diri kita dengan mereka. Apabila pihak pro-demokrasi berdemonstrasi dan membuat penerangan seumpama ini seawal waktu tanggal 14 Ogos, pihak tentera Mesir telah bergerak ke kawasan Rabia al-Adawiya untuk melepaskan pembunuhan orang awam secara besar-besaran yang telah disaksiakan dalam sejarah. Ia juga seumpama sekelompok manusia yang menerangkan akan simbol tersebut juga dianggap sahid.

Laman sesawang (website) ini mengandungi gambar-gambar dan rakaman video, mereka-mereka yang telah membuat simbol ini pada masa lalu, sejurus sebelum pembunuhan. Berikutan tragedi pembunuhan beramai-ramai di Mesir, simbol Rabia telah datang untuk lebih mudah dikenalpasti dan sejak daripada itu, ia telah tersebar ke seluruh dunia Islam. Dalam masa yang singkat sahaja, simbol tersebut telah menjadi satu lambang yang diguna pakai oleh semua lapisan masyarakat Muslim yang berdiri menentang kedua-dua negara Timur dan Barat yang telah memilih untuk menafikan keganasan beribu-ribu masyarakat awam di Mesir.

Di antara banyak-banyak logo yang direka untuk mewakili lambang Rabia, lambang yang mempunyai ciri atau lambang tangan bewarna hitam berlatar belakangkan warna kuning telah dipilih kerana lebih menonjol dan lebih mudah dikenalpasti daripada logo-logo yang lain dan masyarakat juga telah mula untuk menggunakannya di serata pelusuk. Perlu diberi perhatian, bahawa para pereka logo tersebut telah memaklumkan bahawa warna kuning telah digunakan pada logo tersebut bagi merujuk kepada Kubah Masjid Qubbatus Sakhra di Baitulmakdis, kiblat pertama umat Islam dan warna hitam merujuk kepada ‘qiswah’ (tirai hitam yang menutupi Ka’bah).

Simbol atau logo Rabia ini kemudiannya tersebar meluas di seluruh pelusuk negara dengan berkat roh para syuhada yang syahid di Medan Rabia dan menjadi simbol global bagi kominiti Muslim. Jawapan-jawapan ini ditemui pada website yang merujuk kepada persoalan “What is R4BIA” (Apakah itu R4BIA) yang disusun daripada tafsiran-tafsiran terpilih oleh masyrakat Muslim di seluruh dunia. Hatta sehingga kini, para intelek Muslim, para pemikir, wartawan dan masyarakat umum khasnya cuba menerangkan simbol tersebut dengan cara yang berbeza-beza.

Simbol Rabia merupakan lambang kebangkitan, cetusan sebagai responsi bagi pembunuhan beramai-ramai yang berlaku, penindasan dan bagi jangka panjang politik, ekonomi dan tekanan budaya di Timur dan Barat yang telah mensasarkan masyarakat Islam dan Muslim. Konsep yang diperkenalkan oleh Barat seperti demokrasi, hak asasi manusia, kebebasan, persamaan dan hak untuk terus hidup, sering dipraktikkan dalam bentuk ‘double standard’ (pilih kasih dan pilih bulu) benar-benar telah jatuh dan musnah di Palestin, Sirya, Bosnia dan akhir sekali di Mesir.

Dengan semangat simbol atau logo Rabia, konsep-konsep atau apa-apa yang sama dengannya, akan menafsiran semula prinsip-prinsip Islam. InsyAllah kebangkitan ini akan menjadi satu sumber inspirasi kepada setiap individu, tanpa mengira kepercayaan dan ethnik yang sentiasa mencari kebenaran, persamaan dan kebebasan di dunia ini. Sokongan atas setiap usaha yang bertujuan mencari hak dan kebebasan yang disebarkan melalui simbol ini dapat menunjukkan kehormatan dan nilai-nilai murni manusia.

Simbol Rabia dan roh para syuhada yang diberkati ini akan menyatukan umat Islam dan bangsa, diasingkan antara sempadan yang telah dibuat dan negeri-negeri yang diduduki dan diperintah oleh pihak Timur dan Barat. Tidak ada satu negara pun, kumpulan atau individu yang menuntut simbol ini sebagai mereka punya. Oleh itu, amat tepatlah mereka menghindarkan nikmat yang Allah kurniakan di dunia Islam ini daripada terus dikeruhkan demi para syuhada.

Pentadbiran laman sesawang ini tidak memiliki atau mengurus simbol ini, pun juga; mereka hanyalah hamba yang berjuang untuk Islam. Komuniti global Muslim akan menentukan hala tujunya sendiri. “Dan bertawakkallah kamu kepada Allah; dan cukuplah kepada Allah sahaja kamu bertawakkal” (Surah al-Ahzab, Ayat 3)

Les titulaires de ce signe ont été martyrisés dans la place de “Rabia al-Adawiya” par le coup d'Etat militaire qui a eu lieu en Égypte le 3 Juillet 2013.

Les égyptiens, qui voulaient protéger leurs croyances, leurs libertés, leur avenir et les votes qu'ils jetent pour le premier président élu en Egypte, a lancé une résistance collective sans précédent dans l’histoire, le 28 Juin à la place de “Rabia al-Adawiya”.

C'était là-bas qu'ils ont fait le signe pour la première fois en élevant leurs quatre doigts. Il n'est jamais apparu qui a inventé ce signe ou qui a eu cette idée.

Quand on leur a demandé deux mois plus tard en quoi ce signe signifiait, ils ont expliqué: «C'est le« signe Rabia. 'Rabia' signifie quatre ou quatrième dans la langue arabe. Le nom de cette place vient de Rabia al-Adawiya, une femme bénie parmi les pieux serviteurs d'Allah. Elle a reçu le nom Rabia parce qu'elle était le quatrième enfant de sa famille. Nous utilisons le signe pour chérir son héritage ".

"La deuxième raison pour laquelle ce signe porte une signification réside dans le fait que Mohamed Morsi était le quatrième président de l'Egypte après Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anouar el-Sadate et Hosni Moubarak. Nous faisons le signe pour rappeler aux gens sa présidence ".

“En outre, ceux qui se rassemblent dans la place de “Tahrir” pour soutenir le coup d'Etat militaire préfèrent le signe de V fait avec les deux doigts. Nous ne pouvons pas être les mêmes qu’eux. Nous utilisons et diffusons le signe de Rabia afin de nous distinguer d'eux. "

Lorsque les manifestants pro-démocratie ont fait cette explication dans les premiers moments du 14 Août, l'armée égyptienne s’est déplacé vers la place de “Rabia al-Adawiya “pour déclencher le plus grand massacre civil que l'histoire ait jamais témoigné. Il est probable que ces gens qui ont expliqué ce que signifiait le signe ont été martyrisés aussi. Ce site contient des photos et des vidéos de ceux qui ont fait le signe pour la dernière fois, juste avant le massacre.

Après le massacre en Egypte, le signe “Rabia” est devenu mieux reconnu, et dès lors il a commencé à se répandre à travers tout le monde musulman.

En un temps record, le signe est devenu un symbole adopté par les musulmans de toutes les confessions et de tous les horizons qui se sont élevés contre les États de l'Orient et de l'Occident a la fois qui ont choisi d'ignorer des milliers de civils victimes de violences en Egypte.

Parmi les nombreux logos déssinés pour représenter le signe de “Rabia”, l'un avec la main noire sur fond jaune s’était répandu plus rapidement que d'autres. Les gens ont commencé à l'utiliser partout.

Il convient de noter, à propos de la conception, que les créateurs du logo auraient utilisé la couleur jaune en référence au dôme doré de la mosquée “Qubbat Sakhra” à Jérusalem, première Qibla des musulmans, et la couleur noire pour signifier le drap noir qui recouvre la “Kaaba”.

Le signe de “Rabia” ensuite s’était propagé au-delà des frontières nationales avec la bénédiction de martyrs de Rabia, et est devenu le symbole de la communauté musulmane mondiale.

Les réponses se trouvent sur ce site abordant la question "Qu'est-ce que R4BIA?" sont compilées à partir d'une sélection d'interprétations faites par les musulmans du monde entier. même aujourd'hui, des intellectuels musulmans, les penseurs, les journalistes et le public continuent à expliquer le signe de manières diverses.

Le signe “Rabia” est le symbole de l'éveil, déclenché en réponse aux massacres, a l’oppression et à la longue pression politique, économique et culturel - aussi bien dans l'Ouest et l'Est - qui ont ciblé l'islam et les musulmans.

Les notions occidentales tels que démocratie, droits de l'homme, liberté, égalité et droit à la vie, souvent exercées dans un double sens, se sont effondrées comlétement en Palestine, en Syrie, en Bosnie et enfin en Egypte. Avec l'esprit du signe de “Rabia”, et d'autres concepts semblables seront réinterprétés selon les principes islamiques.

Avec l'aide d'Allah, ce réveil sera une source d'inspiration pour tous les individus, indépendamment de la foi et de l'appartenance ethnique, qui demandent la justice, l'égalité et la liberté dans ce monde. Soutenir tous les efforts bien intentionnés à la recherche de l'homme et des libertés qui se propagent à travers ce signe est une indication de la décence humaine.

Le signe de “Rabia” et la bénédiction des martyrs sont entrain de réunir les peuples et les nations musulmanes, isolés dans des frontières qui ont été fixées par les États d'occupation de l'Est et l'Ouest.

Aucun pays, groupe ou individu prétend ce signe comme le leur. Par consequent, heureusement ils évitent d’éclipser les bénédictions que Dieu a accordés au monde musulman pour des martyrs.

Les administrateurs de ce site ne sont pas propriétaires ou gestionnaires de ce signe, ils sont tout simplement des serviteurs de l'Islam.

La communauté musulmane mondiale va tracer son chemin toute seule.

“Et place ta confiance en Allah. Allah te suffit comme protecteur” Sourate, Al-Ahzabe (les coialisés), Ayah: 3.

R4BIA est un symbole de liberté

R4BIA est la naissance d'un nouveau mouvement pour la liberté et la justice

R4BIA est la naissance d'un nouveau monde

R4BIA est le retour des musulmans sur la scène mondiale

R4BIA signifie justice, liberté et conscience

R4BIA est le lieu où les valeurs dites de l'Ouest se sont effondrées

R4BIA c’est les héros égyptiens qui sont devenus libres après leur mort

R4BIA c’est l'Egypte, la Syrie, la Palestine et l'ensemble de la géographie de l'Islam

R4BIA est le nom de ceux qui réveillent tout le monde islamique avec leur mort

R4BIA est le lieu des personnes qui montrent que la mort est une renaissance

R4BIA est notre fille Asma

R4BIA c’est les petits-fils de Hassan Al Banna

R4BIA est le nouveau nom de notre enfant qui va changer le monde

R4BIA est un nouveau souffle à l'humanité

R4BIA c’est la justice pour tout le monde qui anéantira les valeurs occidentales corrompues

R4BIA est l'âme d'un homme libre et d’une femme libre

R4BIA est la larme, la tristesse, les sanglots

R4BIA est la joie, le bonheur, les bonnes nouvelles

R4BIA est l'enfant, la femme, le jeune et le vieux

R4BIA est un homme

R4BIA est droite comme i, humble comme “Waw”

R4BIA est un pur martyre

R4BIA est un nouveau monde

R4BIA est la Oumma

R4BIA, c'est la solidarité, la convivialité, la fraternité

R4BIA est l'unification du monde islamique

R4BIA est la honte des complices des massacres

R4BIA est la fin des hypocrites qui soutiennent les massacres

R4BIA est la fin des pétromonarchies du Golfe

R4BIA est la fin des capitalistes

R4BIA est la fin des sionistes

R4BIA est la fin de la presse immorale

RAGE est l'arène du martyre

R4BIA est la mère des martyrs

R4BIA est le martyre souriant

The blessings of R4BIA have been spreading rapidly around the world, and they bring with them a new spirit, fresh ideas and a novel sense of brotherhood. Conscientious human beings in more than 30 nations, who stand against all kinds of injustice and inequity, express themselves through the R4BIA sign, flag, logo and slogans. An act of mercy roves the earth in full flood, an act which is diverse in ethnicity, color, sect, and faith, but remains united around the same sign.

Lately this blessing is accompanied by a tune. People are humming along a melody that seems to travel everywhere. It is fast turning into a wave of music flourishing of its own accord – like the R4BIA movement - and growing on everyone that hears it.

The lyrics of the tune belong to the great Egyptian scholar and thinker Professor Sayyid Qutb. He was locked behind bars between 1954-65 in the most horrific jail in Egypt, Tora Prison, where Muslim Brotherhood leaders are held today.

One day when Qutb was leaving his cell for outdoor time, he was greeted by a hand that stuck out from the neighboring cell. Moved by the well-wishes of this person whose face he never saw, Qutb addressed him with the words:

My brother, you are free behind these gates.

My brother, you are free within these chains.

Qutb then melded these words into a 32-couplet eulogy. Several of its couplets are said to have been recited for Qutb by other inmates.”

A couple of months after the eulogy was written, prison officers opened fire on Brotherhood members during a brawl on June 1, 1957. The result was a massacre. Twenty one inmates were killed, 23 wounded and more than six Brotherhood members literally lost their mind in the face of this barbarity.

Just at that time, Qutb’s eulogy spread among the rest of the imprisoned Brotherhood members and helped them preserve their sanity.

Yousef al-Azm, chief editor of Egyptian newspaper Muslim Brotherhood and a student of Qutb, published the eulogy under the title “From Behind Bars” in the paper’s 29th edition, on July 26, 1957. This was how the world first became aware of the poem, and it spread across Egypt and throughout the Muslim world.

During his ten year stay in prison, Sayyid Qutb also wrote his masterpiece “Fi Zilal al-Quran,” a thirty-volume commentary on the Islamic sacred scripture, the Qur’an. Qutb was freed in 1964 but arrested again in a year.

On August 29, 1966, Qutb was executed by hanging for plotting against government. His execution took place under the rule of Gamal Abdel Nasser, who came to power with a coup d’état in 1952.

After Qutb was martyred, both his eulogy “My Brother, You are Free” and his commentary made a huge impact on the Muslim world, proliferating swiftly and illuminating numerous hearts.

The eulogy, known and recited for years in Muslim countries, came to the fore again in the year 2013 with the struggle for freedom staged in Rabia al-Adawiya Square, but this time it had a melody.

“You are Free My Brother” was set to music and started spreading again in its new form in the Muslim world. Its composer remains unknown, just like the mysterious creators of the R4BIA sign. Apparently, someone in the Middle East, who hails among the children of the Muslim global community, composed a piece for this powerful eulogy and gifted it to the community.

In September 2013, a group of youths in Turkey reinterpreted this composition using traditional stringed instruments. A Syrian musician performed the vocals, and a new musical piece emerged from this novel interpretation.

Lyrics from Egypt, music by an unsung hero of the global Muslim community, instruments by Turks, and vocals from Syria… A piece perfectly in tune with the R4BIA spirit.

Below is a selection of couplets from the eulogy.

My brother, you are free behind these gates.

My brother, you are free within these chains.

For if upon Allah you do rely,

The intrigues of his slaves can bring no pains.

My brother, if you shed a tear for me

And moisten my grave with sincerity

Then kindle a light from my remains

And tread a path to the glorious revival

My brother, if we die we will meet our beloved ones

Then we will have gardens that our Lord has prepared for us

And the birds will fly around us therein

And we will have eternal dwellings

Maybe in a different time and place, R4BIA volunteers will fashion a different, more beautiful composition. Maybe it will come to be called an anthem, not a song. Should such works of art reach this website, we will be delighted to publish them.

However, the common opinion is that no matter how many new interpretations come about, Sayyid Qutb’s eulogy will remain unchanged.

Finally, we have a R4BIA song that we can sing in squares, streets, cars and in our hearts.

R4BIA is a symbol of freedom
R4BIA is the birth of a new movement for freedom and justice
R4BIA is the birth of a new world
R4BIA is the return of Muslims to world stage
R4BIA means justice, freedom and conscience
R4BIA is the place where the so-called values of the West collapsed
R4BIA means the Egyptian heroes who became free by dying
R4BIA is Egypt, Syria, Palestine and the whole geography of Islam
R4BIA is the name of those who wake all the Islamic world with their death
R4BIA is the place of people who show the death is a revival
R4BIA is our daughter Asma
R4BIA is the grandchildren of Hasan Al Banna
R4BIA is the new name of our children who will change the world
R4BIA is a new breath to humanity
R4BIA is justice for everyone against rotten Western values
R4BIA is the soul of a free man and a free woman
R4BIA is the tear, the sadness, the sobbing
R4BIA is the joy, the happiness, the good news
R4BIA is the child, the woman, the young, the old
R4BIA is a man like a man
R4BIA is straight as an Aleef, humble as Waw
R4BIA is a pure martyrdom
R4BIA is a new world
R4BIA is Ummah
R4BIA is solidarity, togetherness, brotherhood
R4BIA is unification of Islamic World
R4BIA is the shame of the accomplice of the massacres
R4BIA is the end of munafiqeen who support the massacres
R4BIA is the end of oil sheikhs
R4BIA is the end of capitalists
R4BIA is the end of Zionists
R4BIA is the end of immoral press
R4BIA is the place for hope, without violence against coup
R4BIA is a bloody square, that all Muslims must care
R4BIA is Muslims voice, which is not SİSİ’s choice
R4BIA is true brotherhood, not like democracy of Hollywood
RABIA is the arena of martyrdom
R4BIA is the mother of martyrs
R4BIA is a smiling martyrdom